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Define your public presence

When you post on TikTok, the first thing you should always keep in mind is your personal privacy. Your profile picture, cover photo, and description are public, so they can be seen by anyone. Make sure to carefully consider what you choose to include. In addition to the protection we actively provide for users, we offer safety tools to help you manage your online presence.

You're in control of your videos

We want you to have full control over what you share and what you don't. You can adjust the privacy settings for your profile (making it private or public) as well as your videos.

  • Decide who can watch your videos: By setting your account to "Private", only approved users will be able to follow you and view your videos. To make your account private, open your settings, go to "Privacy and safety", and turn on "Private account".
  • You can also decide who can view your video on a video-by-video basis, when posting and after posting. This allows you to have a public profile while still being able to share certain content with select audiences.
  • Limit downloads of your videos: If you don't want your videos to be downloaded by other people, open your settings, go to "Privacy and safety", and turn off "Allow your videos to be downloaded".
  • Decide who can view videos you liked: To keep videos that you've liked private, open your settings, go to "Privacy and safety", and tap "Who can view your liked videos".

Limit unwanted comments

Manage comments on your videos by deciding not only who can comment, but also keep filtered words out.

Control who can comment
To decide who can comment on all videos from your account, open your settings, go to "P