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Keep your account secure

Having a safe and enjoyable experience on TikTok starts with account security. Here are a few tips to protect your account.

Choose a Strong Password

We highly recommend using a strong password with:

  • At least 6 characters
  • A combination of upper case letters, numbers, and symbols

We also suggest changing your password regularly—it can help to use a password manager to keep track of them!

Keep track of your devices

TikTok offers the ability to secure your account with two-factor authentication, so additional verification is required each time you log in.
You can also use Device Management to view all devices logged into your account, remove your login from devices, and get notified if there is suspicious activity on your account.
Under "Manage devices", you'll see the devices that you've logged into and the relevant date, time, and location. To log out of TikTok on any of those devices, select the device and tap "Remove".
To view this function:

  1. Go to "Privacy and safety"
  1. Tap "Manage my account"
  1. Tap "Security"
  1. Tap "Your Devices" to manage your logged devices

Beware of suspicious links and messages

Remember: don't click on suspicious links or messages as they could be scams or phishing attempts. If you happen to come across the following, file a report:

  • Messages claiming you have won a prize, discount, free trial, or reward that requires your personal information.
  • Strangers or people you know claiming they are in an emergency and asking for money or other help.
  • Requests to follow someone else's social media account.
  • Questionable links or content.
  • QR codes appearing in someone's profile or a video.

Remember, TikTok will never message you to ask for your account password, bank card, or any other personal information.