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Community Guidelines Enforcement

Community Guidelines Enforcement Report

April 1, 2021 – June 30, 2021
Released: October 13, 2021

About this report

TikTok is where people around the world come to enjoy authentic and creative entertainment. We strive to foster a safe and inclusive experience for creators and viewers alike by taking action on content and accounts that violate our Community Guidelines.

This is our Community Guidelines Enforcement Report, which brings visibility to the content and accounts removed during the second quarter of 2021 (April-June) for violating our Community Guidelines. We’re also publishing additional insight into the volume of fake activity we stopped or removed in our effort to preserve authenticity on TikTok. In addition, this report now includes a breakdown of content removed before receiving any views.

Latest data


From April-June 2021, 81,518,334 videos were removed globally for violating our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, which is less than 1% of all videos uploaded. Of those videos, we identified and removed 93.0% within 24 hours of being posted, 94.1% before a user reported them, and 87.5% at zero views. We also continued to roll out technology in additional markets that automatically detects and removes some categories of violative content. As a result, 16,957,950 of the total removals were handled through this technology.

This chart shows the five markets with the largest volumes of removed videos.

Country/MarketTotal removals
United States (US)11,431,198
Pakistan (PK)9,851,404
Brazil (BR)7,488,608
Russia (RU)4,759,623
Indonesia (ID)4,743,066

TikTok offers creators the ability to appeal their video’s removal and will reinstate content that’s been incorrectly removed. From April-June, 4,663,387 videos were reinstated after being appealed. We aim to be consistent and equitable in our moderation practices and strive to reduce false positives through ongoing policy trainings and quality checks.

The following chart shows the volume of videos removed by policy violation. Note that a video may violate multiple policies and each violation is reflected.

The following chart shows the rate at which videos were removed by policy reason. Proactive removal means identifying and removing a violative video before it’s reported to us. Removal within 24 hours means removing the video within 24 hours of it being posted on our platform. Removal at zero views means the video was removed after it was posted but before anyone viewed it.

Proactive removal rateRemoval within 24 hours rateRemoval at zero views
Adult nudity and sexual activities90.3%90.0%78.5%
Harassment and bullying73.3%83.8%61.4%
Hateful behavior72.9%80.8%60.6%
Illegal activities and regulated goods97.1%95.7%92.3%
Integrity and authenticity88.3%86.2%67.9%
Minor safety97.6%95.4%93.9%
Suicide, self-harm, and dangerous acts94.2%90.8%81.8%
Violent and graphic content94.9%94.3%86.6%
Violent extremism89.4%90.1%79.5%

Adult nudity and sexual activities
Nudity, sexually explicit content, and pornography are not allowed on TikTok. Of the total videos removed, 14% violated this policy. 90% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted, 78.5% were removed at zero views, and 90.3% were removed before any reports.

Harassment and bullying
We aim to foster an inclusive community for creative self-expression and do not tolerate members of our community being shamed, bullied, or harassed. Of the total videos removed, 6.8% violated this policy. 83.8% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted, 61.4% were removed at zero views, and 73.3% were removed before any reports.

Hateful behavior
TikTok is a diverse and inclusive community that stands against hateful behavior, including hate speech and hateful ideologies. Of the total videos removed, 2.2% violated this policy. 80.8% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted, 60.6% were removed at zero views, and 72.9% were removed before any reports. This is a highly complex and nuanced area in which we must keep improving. We’re committed to bolstering our detection mechanisms for hate speech while improving our ability to correctly moderate counter speech and reappropriation.

Illegal activities and regulated goods
We work to ensure TikTok does not enable criminal activities or the promotion or trade of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and other controlled substances or regulated goods. During the second quarter of this year, 20.9% of the videos removed violated this policy. 95.7% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted, 92.3% were removed at zero views, and 97.1%were removed before any reports.

Integrity and authenticity
We believe that trust forms the foundation of our community, and we do not allow content or accounts that involve fake engagement, impersonation, and harmful or dangerous misinformation. Of the videos removed, 0.8% violated this policy. 86.2% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted and 67.9% were removed at zero views. 88.3% were removed before any reports.

Minor safety
We are deeply committed to the safety of minors and regularly strengthen our processes to help keep minors safe. In the second quarter of 2021, 41.3% of content removed violated our minor safety policy. 95.4% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted, 93.9% were removed at zero views, and 97.6% were removed before any reports.

Suicide, self-harm, and dangerous acts
We care about the well-being of the individuals that make up our community and work to foster a supportive environment. Of the videos removed from April-June, 5.3% violated these policies. 90.8% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted, 81.8% were removed at zero views, and 94.2% were removed before any reports.

Violent and graphic content
TikTok is a platform that celebrates creativity but not shock-value or violence. Of the total videos removed,7.7% violated these policies. 94.3% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted, 86.6% were removed at zero views, and 94.9% were removed before any reports.

Violent extremism
TikTok strictly prohibits violent extremism and we take great care to prevent our platform from being used to threaten or incite violence. Of all videos removed, 1.1% violated this policy. 90.1% of these videos were removed within 24 hours of being posted, 79.5% were removed at zero views, and 89.4%were removed before any reports.


In the second quarter of 2021, 14,871,412 accounts were removed for violating our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. This includes 11,205,597 suspected underage accounts that were removed for potentially belonging to a person under the age of 13, which is less than 1% of all accounts on TikTok.

Fake activity

We continue to evolve and adapt our safeguards by investing in automated defenses to detect, block, and remove inauthentic accounts and engagement, and by improving our speed and response to evolving threats. From April-June, we stopped 148,759,987 fake accounts from being created. We also removed 8,542,037 videos posted by spam accounts.

We further identified and prevented 632,416,873 attempted follow requests by fake accounts and removed 71,935,583 fake accounts that followed other users. We also prevented 9,612,942,242 attempted likes and corrected 91,812,066 inauthentic likes by these accounts.


TikTok has strict policies to protect users from fake, fraudulent, or misleading advertising. Advertiser accounts and paid advertising are held to these policies and must follow our Community Guidelines, Advertising Guidelines, and Terms of Service. In the second quarter of 2021, we rejected 1,829,219 ads for violating advertising policies and guidelines. We are committed to building a positive, authentic, and joyful experience when it comes to seeing advertising on TikTok, and we will continue to invest in more people and technology to ensure advertising on our platform meets our standards.


Youth Safety

To help maintain a safe and supportive environment for our community, and teens in particular, we work every day to learn, adapt, and strengthen our policies and practices. We believe we’re at our strongest when we work together with industry peers to further these efforts, and in May we joined the Technology Coalition – an organisation that works to protect children from online sexual exploitation and abuse – to deepen our evidence-based approach to intervention. We’ve also explained the multiple approaches we take to promote age-appropriate experiences and keep the full TikTok experience a place for people 13 and older.
In the second quarter of this year we also refreshed TikTok’s Safety Centre. We recognise the challenge of parenting in the digital age, and as we work to support families on our platform, we introduced the Guardian’s Guide, a one-stop-shop to learn all about TikTok. This includes how to get started on the platform, our safety and privacy tools like our Family Pairing features, and additional resources to address common online safety questions.


At TikTok, we focus on people’s well-being so that our community can continue to grow, thrive, and amaze the world with its creativity. We always look for new ways to help nurture our community’s well-being, and in the second quarter of 2021, we have:

  • Added new controls so that multiple comments can be deleted or reported at once, and accounts that post bullying or other negative comments can be blocked in bulk, up to 100 at a time.
  • Published a Bullying Prevention guide to help families learn how to identify bullying as well as tools to counter bullying and provide help to bullying victims or bystanders.
  • Launched #CreateKindness, a global campaign and a creative video series aimed at raising awareness about online bullying and encouraging people to choose to be kind toward one another.
  • Encouraged our community to stand together with us against hate and to make the most of our safety tools, as part of our #SwipeOutHate campaign.

We aim to provide a safe space where people feel welcomed and empowered to express themselves exactly as they are, and we look to elevate the myriad of diverse voices that are the beating heart of our TikTok community. In the second quarter of 2021, we marked Pride Month with our #FreeToBe campaign – a unifying, rallying cry for our community. We celebrated trailblazer LGBTQ+ creators, and hosted our global TikTok Pride March, a 12-hour, round-the-world LIVE to fundraise for organisations that support the LGBTQ+ community.

Protecting platform integrity

We strive to build responsibly, openly, and equitably so that people continue to love creating and viewing content that matters to them on TikTok. To support our teams who develop our safety strategies and enforce our policies, we partnered with the Trust and Safety Professional Association so that every trust and safety professional at TikTok will now have a membership to TSPA. Their membership allows them to access resources for career development, participate in workshops and events, and connect with a network of peers across the industry. It also supports the TikTok community by helping us continue to learn and iterate upon our approach to keeping people safe.

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