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Reply to @nggagamzee Here you go! #TreatiestCupContest #ForYouPizza #persona4 #persona4memes #yosukehanamura #fyp #fypviralシ #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #fypシ゚viral #foryoupage #fy #feautureme
#duet @assassintrix Yosuke will always simp Yu, you can’t change my mind #persona4 #p4 #yosukehanamura #souyo #genderbend #genderbent #videogame #fyp
OMG MY ENG TEACHER IS SO ANNOYINNGGFG!! bro the first day of school he made us write an ESSAY and then REWRITE IT for a grade.. and then his first day there he literally talks about how he uses reddit. LIKE U R 50 AND USE REDDIT?? WITH A WIFE AND KIDS?? like SRSLY and he's so annoying and rude too. he pronounced my last name wrong and when i corrected him he literally said he didn't care. and whenever someone yells out something and even if it's not rude and just the answer to something he'll be like "i didn't ask u" or all like "no one asked" and to make it even worse he's a REDHEAD like what?? anyways he gave us a quiz on something he didn't even teach well cause this mfer does NOT know how to teach. i only got 100% cause i watched an online lesson abt it. AND NOT ONLY THAT hes making us read this stupid book that's lierally just an INTERVIEW it's not even that interesting and it makes me fall asleep whenever i try to read it. i can't stand that man istg he is straight up disrespectful. AND WE WERE HAVING A DISCUSSION about what makes someone "pure evil" and i said that "in your own mind you're never pure evil because everyone has their own personal justifications for what they're doing" and he was like "oh so u don't think h1tl€r was evil" and i was like when tf did i say that and now i'm pretty sure that the entire class hates me cause they think i like him. his classes are the worse and i ALWAYS fall asleep cause his lectures are so damn boring. i wish i woulda chose english 1 instead of general paper cause he is so annoying || #persona4 #persona #yosukehanamura #persona4golden
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