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THE WORD IS OUT TIKTOK. #wordpyramidchallenge #wordle #wordletok #wordgames  created by Matt 🪐 with Frank Sinatra's My Way
i woke up to my opponent texting saying he would he beat me, he even wanted to wager with me (i declined). i knew i was going to destroy him but he kept on insisting on it, so i agreed, little did he know what was coming to him, his ego was like no other, he was determined to win, he thought he could, he didnt know who i was or my capabilities, after the 1 minute and 20 second game of just putting letters together and making words, he got the incredible score of 17,400 with 27 words, he thought he had it in the bag, before i even finished he already sent me his gg’s and that i know owed him the wager money, but little did he know i was already at 200k when sent that message, he told his friends he was about to make over a hundred bucks, but as soon as i finished this board his eye widened and jaw dropped. he lost. he immediately starting saying i was cheating, but i knew it wasnt true, after i showed him who i really was he started shivering, he just lost every buckeroo he had left in his account, he was on the streets begging for food, his life was destroyed over a word bites game, he ended up going to extreme therapy, this word bites game changed his life forever. so let this be a lesson to everyone, dont challenge me, because after you see the score difference you get playing me and watch your eyes slowly turn into stone while staring at your loss, you will realize its a too late and your life is forever scarred and you’ll wish you never even played in the first place. also handcam at 30k 😈 #fyp #wordbites #wordgames #gamepigeon #words #worldrecord #wordhunt #wordle #viral
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