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We’re celebrating the power and strength of women on TikTok. Women of all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes are using TikTok every day to entertain, inspire, educate and motivate. Here’s to the #WomenOfTikTok! Raise your voice and share your story.

#WomensHistoryMonth, musical Girl Scout alums edition! 🎵🎙️💖 #GirlScouts #WomenofTikTok #TaylorSwift #greenscreen  created by Girl Scouts with WIRA's Sunshine
When is the right time for women to get angry? In this powerful TED Talk Tracee Ellis Ross ( @traceeellisross ) tells the story of a friend who got “moved” by a man in a public space and how this seemingly harmless act is a reflection of a history of women’s bodies being used without their consent. Visit the 🔗 in ☣️ to hear more of her powerful call to action for a new way forward. #womenoftiktok #traceeellisross #womensrights #tedtalk #internationalwomensday #womenshistorymonth
On #InternationalWomensDay we wear RED 💋 Today we celebrate the baddest gal to rock a red lip & a woman that effortlessly does it all, our founder, @rihanna ❤️‍🔥

To celebrate with us, tag a friend 👇🏾 and we'll gift you both #IconVelvet in The MVP 💄 We’ll choose 3 winners at random; 6 winners total ❤️‍🔥 Giveaway ends tonight!

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Celebrate #InternationalWomensDay in Aspen at #HotelJeromeAuberge ’s underground #speakeasy #BadHarriet , where every cocktail is an ode to a famous—or infamous—female in history. Cheers!

#alwaysauberge #aubergeresorts #WomenofTikTok #WomensHistoryMonth
I fight for big people to have the same access to society as anyone else. I fight to dismantle colorism. I fight so we can focus not on being positive or negative about our bodies, but rather on attributes like our kindness, intelligence and humor. I fight to make even one person’s life a little better. And I also fight for my own joy.

A while back, I lost my magic. I was severely depressed, reclusive and withdrawn. And I didn’t know that I wasn’t alone in this. But after starting @baemisaal, I connected with so many beautiful human beings and experienced so much kindness. People reach out to me to share their stories and check up on me; mothers, grandmothers and daughters tell me how grateful they are that I exist. I have learned to be grateful to exist in a body that takes care of me.

When I started my platform as a virtual diary, I had no idea it would turn into what it has become today; a community and safe space for so many people and I’m so proud. Baemisaal saved me, because for the first time in my entire life, I did something solely for myself.

Joy can be anything. For me, it’s petting a cat or dog, hugging my sister, seeing a rainbow. Those tiny little moments in your life that allow you to be grateful and feel alive and they manifest themselves into confidence. I want a world where all people feel confident in their own skin.

— Bihamaal, Pakistani body neutrality activist and artist with influence


Young women around the world are fighting to make our world a better place. This
#InternationalWomensDay , we want to know what drives your activism.

Welcome “What I fight for” — a new Malala Fund series where young women share the big and small reasons they’re fighting for change and what they hope to protect through their activism.

What are you fighting for? Tell us at the link in bio and you could be featured too! #womenoftiktok #womenshistorymonth
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