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I designed a website with WIX Studio. How long did it take vs. coding it in React from scratch? Wix Studio is a new platform for building websites for clients. This video is sponsored by Wix, but I gave it an honest try. It's a great platform for building websites and I'm going to be exploring it more in the upcoming webdesign videos. More info @Wix Studio  #wix #wixstudio #aitool #webdesign #computerprogramming  created by Henrich | AI, Design, Coding with Draganov89’s Epic Music(863502)
Honestly the amount of times I've designed a desktop website and then that wave hits me 🌊 DON'T FORGET TO CREATE THE MOBILE SITE. I always find it so time consuming, resizing text, images, reorganising the layout to work for smaller screens, the list goes on ha. @Wix Studio have been showing me their new tools over the past month, and when I saw their Al feature that basically creates a mobile version for you, I WAS SOLD ha. It suggests layouts, resizes your text and then you can edit it to exactly how you like. Living in the future baby 😎 Wix Studio is a new platform designed for agencies and serious web designers that want a place to design, manage and deliver their web design projects all in one place, if that sounds like you, then there is a l!nk in my bi0 to sign up to the waitlist! #webdesign #wixstudio #uxdesign #uxdesigner #websitesyouneed
Why use @Wix Studio as a coder?! You not only get full control over your web creation process + great tools like their AI assistant - but you also have the convenience of working with a CMS and being able to offer something great to your clients!!! In a recent video I showed you an overview of what Wix Studio is - and as a developer it might seem like yet another no-code tool (I saw you roll your eyes) but come on, you pretty much get the whole deal straight from your browser - whether you wanna code or not!! It’s such a life changer for freelancing and I still highly recommend it. Get dat bag, my friends! 💰 Let me know if you give it a try or if you wanna see some more of its features in action 👀 👩🏻‍💻 ✨ wix.com/studio . . . #fyp #fypシ #freelancing #webdev #wix #wixstudio #webdeveloper #programming #programacao #programacion #coding #coder #tech #wfh #freelance #webdesign #uiux #website #websitedesign
Are you doing web design for clients? The all new @Wix Studio is an amazing website builder that super charges your client workflows. You can create stunning visual design with the drag and drop builder, then bring it to life with super advanced animation and interaction tools. Wix Studio is packed with AI tools streamline your workflows and boost your productivity. You can get AI to optimize the layout for mobile devices, you can generate AI images from inside the web design tool, and you can even get help with your UX copywriting by entering a business category and some keywords. All these tools help you deliver websites to your clients faster and more efficiently. Get on the waitlist today! #webdesign #freelancing #ai #wix #wixstudio
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