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People wanted to see it at normal speed #disability #spoonie #chronicillness #wheelchairlife #mealsonwheels #wheelchairgirl #eds #wheelchair #fail created by Christina Frost with Maria T Comedy’s If I Die Dumb (A Parody of If I Die Young)

There are lots of reasons people use wheelchairs when they are able to walk, whether it’s to reduce pain & fatigue, because they can’t walk very far or because walking would take them much longer than the average person meaning they’d struggle to get the things done. A lot of these reasons are also reasons we use cars and other forms of transport, we just don’t think about it as much because they are part of everyday life for the majority of the population. Whilst many people are physically able to walk 5 miles, for example, most people will drive that distance because it’s much quicker, it’s less tiring and it gives you more energy to enjoy the place or activity you’re headed to. Plus you would probably be pretty sore the next day if you weren’t used to that walk. Wheelchairs are not a bad thing, they are an aid, They give independence, they are something to be utilised when needed, they are simply a way of getting around just like cars, bikes, scooters and more. Let’s stop questioning and judging disabled people and take some more time to think and understand. 

What is something you wish other people understood about living with a chronic illness or disability?
#DisabiltyEducation #FYP
#AmbulatoryWheelchairUser #WheelchairGirl #BabeWithAMobilityAid #DisabledModel #MobilityAidsAreFreedom #DisabilityAdvocate #WheelchairLife #ChronicIllness #ChronicallyIll #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #POTS #EDS #MobilityAid #MobilityAids #MobilityAidsInTheWild #DisabilityAwareness #WheelchairUser
Replying to @MarySue_482 oh gosh, maybe look at someone’s account first and read the caption on the video 😭 that video was taken 2 years ago, i was in a wheelchair that i couldn’t move myself and behind a window, isolating in my rehab hospital. Believe me if i could run outside to him at that time, i would’ve! just wanted to document a special moment 🥺 this is a reminder to everyone to think before you comment something… #chronicillness #bekind #wheelchairgirl #comedy
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