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Some of you asked, here you go~!#art #drawing #shopping #arttools #howtodo #mytools #whatiuse #homerdeserre created by Eyelesskull !!! with Eyelesskull !!!'s original sound
Reply to @xxits_rainxx these pencils can be bought online or anywhere that sells school/art supplies 🙂 #mechanicalpencil #fyp #whatiuse
Reply to @delta_v2.1 Where You can find the type of Pens I use: to prepare for the next tutorial! #pens #brushpen #brushpens #whatiuse
What I have and what I’d rather use!!

Herman Miller Embody: Can’t imagine anything else, the perfect chair for my body.
Uplift Sit/Stand Desk: A sturdy af 60x30in desk, but I almost wish it were a little bigger to fit my desktop and a nice pair of speakers on the tabletop.
Macbook Pro: Unfortunately work still has me on the Intel machines, but I’ll get the upgrade soon enough. Personal laptop is an M1 Pro and it’s a beast 💪🏽
Moonlander Keyboard: This played a huge part in relieving my wrist pain from sitting at a desk all day. I want to upgrade this to a Kinesis Advantage 360 Professional, which looks a lot sleeker ✨
Logitech MX Vertical: Perfect mouse, no notes.
Dell U4919DW: While the monitor is really great, I end up wishing for a little more vertical space on it. Might upgrade to the Samsung Odyssey Arc which is even bigger than this! (The bigger desk would be nice.)
Opal Camera: Fantastic camera for it’s size, but I wish I could blow my money on a full DSLR setup instead. (I used to have one but sold it because I couldn’t justify the 3k on a webcam setup.)
BenQ Light Bar: works well for what I need, but BenQ recently came out with a new one that has a wireless controller that would be easier to adjust.
Belkin MagSafe Charger: works great, but kinda stupid that my Anker one doesn’t work as well
Google Home + Apple Trackpad: self-explanatory
Bose NC700: I really like these even though they’re not talked about on “aesthetic” TikTok. Tried the Apple AirPods Maxes, but they have a terrible mic
Sennhesier HD598SE: Great open back pair of headphones for casual wear. I bought the Audeze LCD-X to upgrade these, but they’re a bit too heavy. Trying to sell them and upgrade to the Sennheiser HD800s instead.
Owala Water Bottle: a water bottle with a straw AND a mouth hole 👀
Samson Q9U: I always have the best mic quality in any Zoom meeting, and I’m proud of it 😍

#techtok #softwareengineer #worksetup #workstation #desksetup #whatiuse
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