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anyone else usually give a generic response because you’re a bit embarrassed by how odd the real answer might be? asking for a friend… 30 hours on zoom, 27 miles on foot, and the most supportive family ever. the weekend was super, and one of those I’d never imagine at just about any other stage of my life. the gummy… y’all have asked a lot of questions about it. yes its c@nnabis as i am obviously well over 21 and in a legal state. i mention it because i have found s@tiva to be extremely helpful with distance running, and yes it does make for an entertaining and hilarious run through the streets of nyc at dawn 🤗 #appreciatebeing #todaywasagoodday #weekendrecap #howwasyourweekend #mentortiktok #leadershipdevelopment #mentorship #marathontraining #running   created by timm chiusano with HNNY's Sunday
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Vlog 10 | weekend recap 💛 #vlog #adayinthelife #weekendrecap #lakings #fyp #foryou created by Hannah with Hannah's original sound
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