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Your vocabulary sucks pt. 1 #greenscreen #vocabularygoals #englishdegree #impressyourself #impressyourfriends created by EverythingisFine with EverythingisFine's original sound
Are your words feeling a bit lackluster?

Boosting your active word list is an effective way to upgrade your writing and make your words more meaningful.

Get out there, explore new words, and let your writing flourish! Here are some tips to help you power up your vocabulary:

1. Read, read, and read some more - A great way to expand your active word list is by reading a variety of materials in different genres. The more you read, the better! 📚

2. Make use of context clues - When you come across a new word when reading, take a moment to look at the surrounding words and sentences. This can provide helpful clues as to what the word means.🔍

3.Play with language - A great way to learn new words is by playing around with the different shades of meaning of words. Experiment by using different synonyms for a specific word or phrase and see how it changes the context of your writing.✏️

4. Keep a vocabulary list - Whenever you learn a new word, jot it down in a notebook or create a document and add to it. This is an easy way to track your progress and help the new words stick. It's also a great resource to use when you’re stuck for words.📝

5.Watch movies and series with subtitles - Watching movies and series with English subtitles can help you learn new words in context. Plus, it's a fun way to build your vocabulary! 🎥🍿

Invest in your vocabulary to become the amazing writer you know you can be!!✨ 📝✍️ With a few simple steps, you can easily become a word wizard in no time!🤓📚

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