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We are both living proof that Co-parenting exists with the love we have for our children, respecting each other and knowing we work better as friends.

I solely believe that children leaving a broken home heal better vs living in a broken home . ! Take note parents , it can save your children from alot of trauma when they growup . Trust, I was one of those kids and as a mother of two, Ive learnt how to minimise that part for mine . Btw im still learning . Still healing . We both are .

Almost two months since you left with your dad son . no one will ever know the pain I live with everyday knowing that your not with me . Your sister and I miss u so much .we will be reunited again very soon my first love.

And trust YES my girl misses her dad So much , shes a daddys girl and shes a mummys girl too .

The joy i get to see virtually of my son living it up in Australia is overwhelmingly overjoyed for me and knowing that, for me , it comforts my heart and my mind .

When your kids are happy
Your happy and nothing else matters except happiness and love . FYI if your not ok it will affect their mental state without you even knowing . And Yes ! i do understand not all situations are the same . If your kids could speak what would they want to say . Ask them . If they are surrounded by a negative partner . Talk to them and sort it out . If it aint safe for your children LEAVE !!!. You cant control people but you can control your reaction . Meaning , Be smart and keep a record of the bad and save that shit , You might need it oneday for Courts . Keep that home of yours as safe and as happy as you can . You are their safe haven and their biggest heros . They will grow up to understand everything . Dont stress too much about what other people think . You hold the power in your life decisions not them . One more thing - Communication is key ! Its a tough world out here with too many traditional cycles , You hold the power to get out of it and thrive . If its outta your control . TALK TO YOUR KIDS AND LISTEN . Trust you will learn alot from them. btw ATTENTION IS PRICELESS 🤍

#coparenting #uncoupled #au #nz #fyp
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