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POV: you’re an ultralight backpacker #ultralight #ultralightbackpacking #ultralightgear  created by Hikes and Peaks with Sapient's Heights
Priorities when backpacking are staying hydrated and having enough snacks. It can really make or brake your experience if you arent filled with fruit snack yumminess. And @chickentrampergear has got you covered. These accessories for your straps provide all the convenience of making sure you stay hydrated, fueled, or have accessible access to your needs for any and all adventures. These pockets are well made, have so many color options, and sizes when it comes to your water bottle, and extremely durable. A definite must for your next venture in the outdoors. Check out my linktree above to get your own. Your snacks will be thankfull. And so will your arm. No more yoga poses to get access to your pockets!! #backpacking #backpackingtips #ultralightgear #hike #outdoorsy #hikinggear
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