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ahhh you joking with me at work?!😏#viral #fypシ #fy #toyota #tundra #joke created by itseme_marco with itseme_marco's original sound
When my girlfriend is filming, things get serious 😳🔥
This was an adaptation of the ad “MADE FOR MORE” that I featured in for Toyota’s Vios and we challenged ourselves to create a new version✨ took us countless hours to film and edit I hope y’all like this ✨
Shoutout to my amazing girlfriend
@slceline00 ✨💛💛 wouldnt have be able to create this without her ✨🔥
✨🙌We were also able to receive a few footages and the voiceover from toyota ( the drone shots and car on road shots ) to incorporate into this video while the rest of the shots were shot by us to recreate our version✨

#toyota #vios #madeformore #fyp #xyzbca #williamsengg
@toyota this car is the only reason I’m alive and for that thank you. This video is the video I sent to my wife after the wreck. I’m hoping it will reach Toyota because insurance is actually not helping me get another car. This guy ran a light and hit me. Now I have to start all over because of negligence. If y’all would like to help here is my cash app $HP2219
No I don’t want a hand out or anything. Just help me reach Toyota please! We are both okay. #toyotacamry #imokay #toyota
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