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Husband broke his leg 1/15/19 hasn’t walked since... we still try to get out & make the best of being alive! #statueofliberty #tibialplateaufracture created by Heather DeCann Leblo with Foreign Accent's Walk The Plank
Tibial Plateau ORIF 🪛 Tibial plateau fractures are most common in patients aged 30-60 yrs, often resulting from higher energy mechanisms (pedestrian struck, fall from height, motor vehicle collision). These fractures are often managed operatively except when minimally displaced. Nonsurgical management may also be indicated in the setting of multiple medical comorbidities making surgery too high risk, although this is rare in the younger population that typically sustains this injury. As the population ages, tibial plateau fractures are becoming more common in the elderly population and make up ~8% of all total fractures in those >65 years. When displaced, open reduction and #internalfixation (ORIF) is the standard of care for these injuries, with the primary goal being restoration of the mechanical axis of the extremity and articular surface congruity. Geriatric #tibialplateaufracture present unique challenges when managed operatively because they may exhibit a high degree of comminution, extensive surrounding soft tissue damage, and a bicondylar pattern despite lower energy mechanisms. These more complex #tibia injuries lend to longer surgical times, often requiring multiple surgical approaches and may increase risk for perioperative complications. Despite the added complexity, literature has shown clinical outcomes to be relatively good in this population. However, the functional and physiological status varies within the geriatric population #legfracture #tibiasurgery #boneplates #surgeryillustration
jutsu de 90 grados y botines de carga (yeso). se retiraro el tutor externo por fractura expuesta de tibia y peroné #extraccion #tibialplateaufracture created by SammyLuis with SammyLuis's sonido original
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