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@kellymariamm For some more context.. I was completely by myself at Dunkin NEAR A HIGHWAY because the owners didn't make the schedule correctly and no closers showed up and the girl that was working before had been working for 10 hours straight with no break and had to leave at 5:30 when she was supposed to get off at 4 and we kept letting the owners and manager know, but nothing was being done so I locked myself in the store and told them this is my last day and when the owner finally showed up all she cared about was me unlocking the doors. #boycottdunkin #treatyouremployeesbetter #enoughisenough #thegreatresignation  created by kelly 💅🏾 with kelly 💅🏾's original sound
Credit to @callmebyyourcarl They're not calling it The Great Resignation for nothing. #iquit #quityourjob #thegreatresignation
#stitch with @workhap Employers are out of touch with what labor is worth #antiworktiktok #antiwork #thegreatresignation #financialfreedom #hustle
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