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Get the max spicy for maximum flavor #spicy #thaifood #thaicuisine #tiktokfood #tiktokfoodie #viral #fyp #foryou #padthai #padkeemao
#phosoup #thaicuisine Please give them a taste! You wont regret it. 💜#foodhaul
Thor's Hammer (bone in beef shin) Massaman Curry This Thai dish is originally from the Muslim southern area of Thailand. It is mostly eaten on special occasions, because it has many ingredients and can be complicated to make. This version uses bone in beef shin, with the bone marrow melting in to the curry to make this extra naughty but oh so worth it! Recipe below... For the curry paste 10 dried red chillies 2" piece galangal or ginger 2x lemongrass stalks 1tbsp peppercorns 4x garlic cloves 1/2 red onion 4tsp coriander seeds 1 cinnamon stick 4tsp fennel seeds 4x cloves 2tsp cardamon powder For the curry 2tins coconut milk 2kg bone in beef shin, silverskin removed 2tbsp palm sugar 1tbsp fish sauce 2tbsp tamarind paste 3 bay leaves 1 litre water 500g new potatoes 2x onions Dry fry the spices then blend in a spice grinder or coffee grinder Dry fry the chillies, galangal, lemongrass, garlic and red onion then blend with some oil and the ground spices Add the paste to a hot pan and stir-fry for 2-3 minutes. Add around 200ml coconut milk and cook until most of the milk has evaporated. Slowly add the rest of the coconut milk followed by the tamarind, palm sugar, fish sauce and bay leaves. Top with around 500ml of water Sit the beef shin over the top of the curry, add a wood chunk for smoke then cook for around 90 minutes at 130c. Now add the onions to the curry along with the beef shin then top with more water if needed. Cover with foil and cook for around 3 hours. Then add the potatoes, peanuts and more water if needed. Cover and simmer for another hour or until the meat falls away from the bone and pulls apart with a spoon. You'll find theres a lot of oil on the surface so make sure you skim this out with a ladle. Taste for balance and add more tamarind (sour), fish sauce (salt) or palm sugar (sweet) where required. Remove, add more peanuts then serve with Thai Jasmin rice and a cold beer! This was all cooked on my @Kamado Joe Classic 3. #massamancurry #beefshin #thaifood #massaman #thaicuisine #ukbbq #bbq #firesquad #kamadojoe
#duet with @Nicola | Travel, Food + London #cuisines - How many world cuisines can you spot??? Post your results in the comments! (spoilers below) . . . . . . . . . . The last one was 100% a Hail Mary pass based solely on the fact that I was talking to a Lebanese co-worker *yesterday* about how much pistachio is featured in their cuisine, and I guess it stuck. Apologies for the impulsive Howard Dean-esque scream at the end. 😬 #virgokitchen #guessinggame #runboyrunchallenge #foodtok #cookingtok #worldcuisine #frenchcuisine #thaicuisine #mexicancuisine #japanesecuisine #ethiopiancuisine #italiancuisine #lebanesecuisine
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