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4 weeks ago Rachel jumped out of a 2 story window and Travis ran through fire. This week we WALKED out of the hospital after a month, and Rachel was able to carry our baby girl. We have seen and experienced the power of prayer in ways we never have before. God is SO good🙏🏽  #letstrythisagain #Godisgood #fyp #jesus #miracle #housefire #testimony #mercyme #blessed #thankful #faith #elevationworship #likeforpart2 #hewouldlovefirst #hwlf #newborn #babygirl #youngmom #youngcouple #jesuslovesyou  created by Trav and Rach with ADMT’s original sound
Sept 29th Ye changed my life. The artist formerly known as Kanye West, Yeezy, my hero. You will probably never truly understand the impact this had on me unless you were witnessing it from my eyes. Aside from Ye helping me on a step toward my dreams by allowing me to display my talents on his songs for a album he was working on called Yandhi and me getting to witness and learn from one of my super heroes. It truly feels like more of a testimony to God. I was in such a bad place in my life, I could feel my world crumbing before me, I felt so defeated, but one night I prayed and cried out loud to The Most High and looked at the sky and asked for a miracle. Shortly after wiping my tears away I came to realize, I can sit in sadness or smile and be grateful for all the things I still had. I looked at my struggles as a mountain to one day overcome, so I smiled while at rock bottom. Then 7 days later, completely unexpectedly I ran into Ye 9 minutes from where I was picking up my sleeping bag to sleep on the floor that day. What’s wild is that this was two days after my birthday. I had made a wish on a free ice cream candle from Dave & Busters. This moment has taken away a lot of stress in my life and anxiety of the future. It showed me to smile in my darkest moments and now when i feel that sense of things not going my way I always trail back to this time when God truly showed me love and picked me up before I completely lost myself. Not to mention all of the great things that came after this. All Love, Ye I promise to pay it forward, to change the world and to follow the deepest parts of my soul and my heart and to anyone else out there going through something I hope if you take away anything from this is that…you can do it too. Thank You @Ye you’ve reshaped my reality and my family and friends are very proud. Keep being YOU, also P.S thanks for letting me work on Hurricane 🌀 I’m actually in a Hurricane right now so it’s pretty fitting. ⛈⛈🎶⚡️🙏🏽 #Ye #Yandhi #Donda #Donda2 #yeezy #kanyewest #ninoblu #kanye #rap #hiphop #newyork #fyp #foryou #fy #sept29th #september29th #hurricane #yandhileaks #God #testimony #lawofattraction #dreams #dreamscometrue #thankyoukanyeverycool #thankyoukanye #birthdaywish #yewest
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