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But hey the ride was fun! #storytime #fyp #sixflags #talkaboutittuesday #neardeathexperience #comedy created by KayDianna MacKenzie with KayDianna MacKenzie's original sound
Let’s #talkaboutittuesday on all things RIDERS. My only “diva” moment has to be requesting a homemade salsa with my favorite @ontheborderchips tortilla chips for the green room at every show! I love to try local salsa in each city, but some cities try to trick me with that regular degular aisle 3 from the grocery store salsa. Lucky for me this week they tricked me with one of my favorite salsas @eatdelrealfoods so it worked out! What would be on your green room rider?! 👇🏼

#riders #salsa #chipsandsalsa #greenroom #behindthescenes #foodie
Our first baby class on zoom was very eye-opening. Well, it was eye-opening for me and eye closing for @manwellreyes . 😂
Let’s #TalkAboutItTuesday . I’ll be honest, I feel so unprepared. My friends have all told me no matter how much you prepare, you will still be unprepared for what you’re about to experience. Parents, what’s the best advice you’ve received when dealing with a newborn?

#babyclass #parenting #mothertobe #anjelahjohnson #sleeping
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