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virtual sculpture | untouched.7285252 | #ar #artwork by #synthesisgallery #artist Martina Menegon in #hamburg #artstadt November 2022. #augmentedreality #art #digitalart #martinamenegon  created by synthesis gallery with 's original sound - synthesis gallery
Installation views of 'Turandot 2070' by AES+F; 'A picture can't take me' by Cibelle Cavalli Bastos and 'Prophecy, nullification algorithm, shaman, conspiracy' by aaajiao. @Cibelle (they/them) and The Art of Survival: Aphorisms by an Old Girl, 2020-23 by #claudiahart

Featured in I KNOW, a group show by aaajiao (@aaajiao), #aesf (@aesplusf), Cibelle Cavalli Bastos (@aevtarperform), Claudia Hart (@claudhart) and Yehwan Song (@yehwan.yen.song). Presented in Berlin and online on feralfile.com

#artexhibiton #synthesisgallery #digitalart #nft #art #artworks #arart #artist
We were excited to show “Same but Different" a new exclusive work for #synthesisgallery by #marclee back in 2018. Marc Lee's works, which focus on real-time processed, computer programmed #audio and #visual installations, have been shown in major museums and #newmediaart exhibitions across the world including: #zkmkarlsruhe , #newmuseum - New
York, #transmediale Berlin, Museum of Modern Art - Shangai, #hekbasel
MMCA - Seoul, Ars Electronica - Linz.
One of Yehwan Songs artworks, Artwork 1 & 2, 2022, shown at I Know. #synthesisgallery #artshow with #feralfile in February 23’ in #berlin

Through her projects, @yehwan.yen.song #yehwansong tries to flip the general understanding of #webdesign and subvert common user-experience behaviors, which oversimplify users' behavior. She pursues diversity above consistency and efficiency.

Artwork 1 & 2 are website-based, mutating #virtual #sculptures relying on inputs from touch screens and parodying the conventional ideas and stereotypes around the touch sensor devices.

Collect on feralfile.com

#digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork #digitalartgallery
From November 21‘ to the end of December 21‘ #synthesisgallery was pleased to present LEGACY by #Nancybakercahill synthesis' first public art show on the #tempelhoferfeld in #berlin

Legacy is an original, animated, site-specific AR drawing in 360°, in which the #artist aims to address the current threats of #gentrification and #climatechange in Berlin while situating these challenges within the larger scope of the city's past, present, and future.

The artwork, originally commissioned by @SXSW , illustrates the calamitous forces of dislocation and climate change by animating an abstracted tree as it twists, breaks apart, and coalesces. Legacy emerged from nancybakercahill's intention to realize the synthesis of ideas, technology, and art to transform awareness about the urgent and interrelated effects of inequality and human-centered decision making.

LEGACY was generously supported by the #usembassy in Berlin and is authorized by #grünberlin

#arart #ar #art #artexhibiton #publicspace #kunst #kunstimöffentlichenraum
In "A Picture Can't Take My Elan
Vital," Cibelle Cavalli Bastos
@Cibelle (they/them) singles out a still image output of generative portraiture using StyleGAN2. The data set consists of Google search pictures of Cibelle Cavalli Bastos when they were known as a cis woman singer, as well as selfies taken while transitioning to non-binary and aging, from a personal archive spanning 20 years and their Instagram (@aevtarperform).

To awaken the picture just scan the QR code to activate the AR linked to the image.

Cibelle Cavalli Bastos, A Picture Can't Take My Elan Vital, 2022
Image (color)
3192 × 3176 pixels

Edition of 90
Collect on feralfile.com

As part of 'I KNOW - On the aesthetic of truth' #synthesisgallery #feralfile

#augmentedreality #ar #arart #digitalart #digitalartist #artist #art #artexhibitions #collect
“I know because I’m an intellectual who tries to follow everything that happens, to imagine everything that is unknown or unspoken, who connects facts that may seem disparate, that puts together the disorganized and fragmentary pieces of an entire coherent picture, who restores logic where arbitrariness, folly, and mystery seem to rule.” — Pier Paolo Pasolini

#Feralfile and #synthesisgallery are pleased to announce I Know, an #exhibition exploring what an aesthetic of truth might be. Curated by Giorgio Vitale, I Know features an intergenerational group of five artists, each embracing very different aesthetics and artistic strategies. Their works in the show address anxieties about the turmoil we are now experiencing around the world and offer #critical #reflections on it.

Featuring new artworks from:
• aaajiao
• Cibelle Cavalli Bastos @Cibelle (they/them)
• Claudia Hart
• Yehwan Song

Exhibition #opening on Feral File:
February 2, 2023 - 14:00 UTC+0 (9am New York, 11am São Paulo, 3pm Berlin, 10pm Shanghai)
Collecting begins one hour later.

Exhibition dates in Berlin: February 2 – 5, 2023 - 14:00-20:00 CET
Opening: February 2, 2023 - 18:00 CET
Venue: Salon am Moritzplatz - Oranienstraße 58, 10969 – Berlin.

#vrart #vr #digitalart #digitalartexperience #vrexhibition #artgallery #berlinart #artist #berlinexhibition
Lauren Moffatt's VR artwork 'Beyond The Rubicon' has been on view at #synthesisgallery in 2018. #laurenmoffatt

In her #virtualreality piece, Lauren Moffatt explores the creation of virtual space in terms of emotion and memory. The ephemerality of the sculptural objects in Moffatt's piece emphasizes the materiality and #fragility of the virtual.

‘Beyond the Rubicon’ work has been part of synthesis’s exhibition 'Sorry, I didn't mean to break it' and has been selected and referred by #berlinartweek and was part of Retune Festival #retuneberlin #digitalart

#synthesisgallery presents UNSTABLE OBJECTS | Online, an online exhibition going live May 25, 2023, on New Art City and running through July 6, 2023, and UNSTABLE OBJECTS | The screenings, a screening program opening physically June 1, 2023, at Molt (Berlin) and running through June 20, 2023. Scheduled events and walkthroughs will also take place during the course of the program.

The contemporary visual universe has become an uncanny, quirky, mixed up place: gifs, photoshopping, GAN, remixes, deep fakes and memes have made their way from the depths of the digital world into our everyday lives. Images have become unstable objects.

Bringing together works by Sara Bezovsek, Casey Kauffmann, Valerie Leya, Lorna Mills, Katherine Mills Rymer (O Future), Nicoleta Mures and Romain Thibault.

@O FUTURE #artworks #digitalart #virtualreality #augmentedreality #xr #exhibition #artist #artshow #berlin
Prophecy, nullification algorithm, shaman, conspiracy, 2021 #aaajiao

It is a simple act: swiping your finger across the keyboard to find the words you intend to write. Or it could be the other way around: combining meaningless characters and posting them on social media in order to challenge the algorithms that govern the internet. Would this pave the way for the creation of a new QAnon-type of online conspiracy? The intentions behind aaajiao's #prophecy , nullification algorithm, shaman, conspiracy work are as #provocative as the intellectual challenges the #artist raises.

See the #artwork in real life February 2-5, 2023 in Oranienstraße 58, 10969 Berlin as part of the #feralfile #synthesisgallery #artshow
‘I KNOW - On the aesthetic of truth’ as part of #transmediale #vorspielberlin #nftbiennal #digitalart #artist
#synthesisgallery is pleased to announce UNSTABLE OBJECTS, an #online #exhibition and video screening program exploring how the growing and accelerating dissemination of images alongside their context affect #systems of #power and change the way we perceive #reality . Either taken from popular culture or created from scratch, distorted upon themselves or remixed in the primordial swirl of the internet, the works on display stand as a form of critique and celebration, reflecting on our fragmented, hybrid, hyper-stimulated selves.

Opening online on @newart.city @May 25, 2023
Featured artists:
Casey Kauffmann @Uncannysfvalley
Katherine Mills Rymer @O FUTURE
Nicoleta Mures @nicomures
Romain Thibault

Video screening opening @molt.berlin June 1, 2023
June 1, 6pm CET: Valerie Leya,
Lorna Mills,
June 8, 6pm CET: Sara Bezovsek, Lorna Mills
June 13, 6pm CET: Casey Kaufmann, Lorna Mills,
June 20, 6pm CET: Lorna Mills (@lorna.mills)

#newmediaart #digitalart #newmedia #newmediart #ai #computerart #generativeart #berlin #synthesisgallery #nfts #nftart #blockchainart #blockchain #artificialintelligence #art #artist #artshow

Space design by the one and only Mohsen
Music by #ofuture
It's Dark Inside | Evelyn Bencicova &
Armin Keplinger @
#synthesisgallery in 2019. Virtual Reality is frequently mistaken as the end, not the mean, with the accent placed on the technology, at the expense of the art. #VR art is often delivered without a clear vision and curatorial framework — on the altar of the hype. The show ‘It's Dark Inside' kicked off a series of bi-annual exhibitions aimed to address these ongoing issues.

#Bencicova has presented 'Artificial Tears': a set of 5 large scale prints intertwined with a #vr #artwork . ‘Artificial Tears' aims to challenge mainstream views on #photography through an #immersive journey narrated by the main character as it wanders through several #surreal #digitallandscapes — a product of its own imagination.

#keplinger has presented his VR fatigue ‘ms-R' along with a set of kinetic sculptures and a sound performance. 'ms-' features a moon sliced ring
with zero latitude. As the ring moves slowly in circle around the participant's view with subtle light and movements, 'ms-R' aims to send the viewer in a
journey to black-end spaces.
Big thanks again to #getgrover and
#brewdogdeutschland for the support!
immersiVR brings #vrart to your home. With a selection of works by #pioneering #artists in the medium, experiencing #VR #art has not never been easier!

The exhibition 'Uncharted Territories'
- synthesis' first on headset for #immersivr - featured a group of artists whose work engage with physical and metaphysical spaces, and issues of integration, identity and place. Territories yet to be discovered, lands of exploration and social experimentation.

VR/AR pioneer and very good friend of #synthesisgallery #TamikoThiel in her work Land of Cloud takes the viewer on a #journey beyond space and time.

The Land of Cloud is a magnificent garden whose inhabitants are silent and communicate with each other only through splendid, yet strange, cloud mirrors. They are in constant contact with their deity: 'The Cloud! They do not look at anything but their devices, standing motionless. Each of them susurrates and repeats their own mantra, given by the Cloud Deity.
The mantras are taken from the Clinton vs. Trump 2016 US election campaign.
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