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⚠️Please take the time to listen: stop & think. From the both of us so much love goes out to you. 🖤#enoughisenough  #stoponlinebullying #fyp #foryou created by Grace & Kelly  🌈 with Grace & Kelly  🌈's original sound
#duet with @beckijones4 I am standing with you. You are strong, brave & beautiful. #stopbullying #stoponlinebullying
Hi @vanesnails ! You have a lot of opinions but it seems like you removed the option to stitch so I screen-recorded and tagged you like this instead. 👍🏻 #stopthenailshaming - This is a hashtag/movement that I started a couple of years ago to stop the nail shaming that was happening on YouTube and in Facebook groups. This has moved moved on to TikTok and the new trend is to slander other nail techs’ work and styles of nails.

I’ve seen it multiple times and I’ve also been featured in them with the purple nails you see here in this post. A set of nails that I made in 2017 for a very happy client who wanted them like this. 💜

Everyone is entitled to their opinion of course and we all like different things, so why is this a problem when you take someone else’s picture/work and use it as an example of what you hate as a fellow nail tech?

These types of posts only do one thing - they add to the overall negativity online and it strengthens the feeling of that the work is not attached to a human person with feelings. It makes people feel more comfortable to be rude/mean online and adds to the “numbness” and lack of empathy for others. It’s really does spread like a virus and that’s why it’s so important to stop this.

The things that has been said about this particular set is not something that I take personally, but that’s because I’m used to it. I talked about the #bekind / #socialmediakindnessday just the other day, where they highlight people who have suffered the ultimate consecutive of being hated/bullied online. Don’t lose the part of you that makes you human - your empathy for other people. It’s so easy to get caught up in a mob when people start to bash someone, but try to be that person who goes against that force and show the world how to act with compassion and love.

We create the industry we want to be a part of. Always promote kindness, be supportive and spread love - not hate 🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻

#nailtech #nailtechssupportingnailtechs #stoponlinebullying #nails #nailartist #nailart #shortnails #glitternails #naildesigns #nailsoftiktok #nailsihate #uglynails #naildesigns
#adv @Not a joke. ricordate sempre di essere la vostra priorità e di non fare agli altri quello che non vorreste venisse fatto a voi❤️‍🩹

chiedere aiuto non è da deboli, il numero 147 è sempre a disposizione in Svizzera🫶🏻

#notajoke #stopmobbing #stopcybermobbing #stoponlinebullying #endhatestartlove
#pov you was online bullied and had hate #StopOnlineBullying
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