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Before i had a Potterbot, i had a barbie avatar   Who built my work for me… just joking. This was a super fun pre-pandemic project re-formatted just for TikTok . Any resemblance to a living person is purely UN-coincidental . Stay tuned for lots of new 3D clay printed work, and considering how to bring her back into the digital age too!  #claymation #ceramics #animationart #potterylove #3dprintedceramics #stopmotion #stopmotionanimation #stopmotionvideo #barbie #barbiedoll #coilbuild #pottery #potterylove #keramik #clayart #animation #3dprinting #3d #3dmodeling #3dclayprinting #coilbuilt #ceramicstudio #animation #animation3d #avatar #coilbuilder #coilbuild #coils #coil created by Dara Schaefer with Queens Road, Fabian Graetz's FEEL THE GROOVE
Making Affordable Stop Motion Animation. 💸

Stop Motion can be very cheap or very expensive depending on what tools you use. Having lots of high tech equipment (SLR camera, rigs, armatures, dragonframe, tripods, sliders, lighting…) can give you more control and make your stop motion more professional, but if you are creative then you can make some amazing videos without spending much money.

Tips to make Stop Motion on a budget:
- Look around your house for materials/objects/toys and think of ideas that you can make with those things (Eg. old books, matches, food, trash, cutlery, foil, toys, clothing…).
- Camera: Use your smartphone with an app - Stop Motion phone apps often have a free version or the paid version is $10.
- Hold your camera still with: books / A mug / stick tack / a shelf (top down shot)/ make a phone holder with wood / a tripod (if you already have one).
- Block out natural light from windows with big cardboard boxes.
- Make a rig (to hold items in air) with a weight (tinned food, coins) and aluminium wire.
- Use a white board to reflect light, and brighten up your scene.
- Make puppets with an aluminium wire skeleton, so they can hold their pose.

There is one thing that you will have to spend a lot on! TIME. Good stop motion takes time to make a good plan, time to test or practice, and time to animate each movement for a smooth animation!

What tips and tricks do you do to make affordable stop motion?

#usewhatyouhave #3dpainting #makingof #behindthescenes #banana #stopmotionvideo
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