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‼️You have to tell people about your music‼️ The release day is not the END of the line, it is just the beginning of finally getting your music into the ears of listeners. Sure, you may have lived with your songs for months and months, but remember—your audience is only hearing about it for the first time. And on top of that, your content only gets shown to 10% of your followers at BEST. You need to be sharing almost to the point of oversharing to make sure that the people following you have a chance to hear the great work you put in. Allow them to share in your successes as much as possible! #m#musicmarketingm#musicmarketingtipsi#independentartistm#musicbusinessm#musicindustryi#indieartistp#popsingers#songwriterlifen#newmusicfridays#singersongwriters#songwriterlifestudiomusic  created by Adam Ivy | MusicMarketing.com with Adam Ivy | MusicMarketing.com's original sound
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