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Music festivals are cancelled. Concerts are cancelled. Feeling the wind rustle through your flower-crown — cancelled. You know what's not cancelled? Fun-ZZZ's. Simmons is here to fill the void of all our cancelled events and bring some much needed Fun-ZZZ's into everyone's life. And it all starts...with your mattress. Stage-dive into bed to enter the first ever TikTok festival: SnooZZZapalooza!

When festivals are cancelled there’s always #snoozzzapalooza 😎 Where would your bed concert take you?  #sponsored created by DeStorm Power with Simmons's #SNOOZZZAPALOOZA
#SNOOZZZAPALOOZA nap time to party time! created by k9_mattis with Simmons's #SNOOZZZAPALOOZA
#SNOOZZZAPALOOZA nap time to party time!
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