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I wanted to create this post for everyone out there whom has their opinions about ASHLEY TROPEZ ( Cripst Tragic ) rather there good rather there bad , this is who she was becoming we may all have got to know our fair share of her and me speaking as someone who knows this women from top to bottom struggles and great times I know when I first met her at the age of 16 years old she was ASHLEY she was great she was MZSEGA DA SQUAD REPP , along that way she created Tragic and so forth but the day of July 10th , 2022 @ 10:45 A.M she was just back to ASHLEY TROPEZ someone who has been through more than any of us would ever bare and still stood TALL , beautiful and pure . She gave her life to god she was done being in the streets she was done with it all & I wanna thank Misty Misty for being a part of that journey with her for helping guide her and get her head right . I cry watching this video knowing THIS ALL I EVER WANTED FOR YOU was for you to BE GREAT COME TO YOUR COMPLETE SELF AND SHINE YO MFKN LIGHT FIRST LOVE  & when you finally decided to do that they ROBBED US FROM THIS 💕 -Her First Love Poca #AshleyTropezBeyondScaredStraight #changedforthebtter #beyondscaredstraight #ashleytropez #DontPainttheewrongPictureofher #SheLived #SheISgreat #AshleyTropez #JusticeForASHLEY #ashleythegreat #Justiceforashleytropez  #weloveyou #LLA 🕊💙
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