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After surviving for years in the Australian bush, hidden under 26kg (57lbs) of burdensome wool and dodging rescue attempts, our team finally brought Victoria to sanctuary! 🐑❤️  Did you know that sheep, like Victoria, require at least annual shearing for their welfare? This is a direct result of human selective breeding for wool that is harvested for commercial purposes and speaks to how we have altered their lives.  The wild mouflon of Europe and Asia, from whom they are descended, was a coarse-haired animal with a downy undercoat. This body covering responded to the seasons, growing dense and providing protection in the cooler months, only to then be shed in the summer months.  Today sheep rely on humans for sustenance, shelter and shearing, and failure on any of these fronts oft times proves fatal for these animals.  #friendsnotfood #animalrescue #farmsanctuary #rescuesheep #rescueanimals #sheepshearing #animallover #sheepoftiktok #sheep created by Edgar’s Mission with Treia Music's IMPERIAL PIANO
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