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The secret to cropping sweaters✌️ #SummerProject #sewingdiy #fyp
Are you Team Emily or Team Victoria?? Most of you guessed #corpsebride based on my video a few weeks but I decided to give it a historical twist. The movie itself is set in the #victorian era so I decided to go with the late 80s as my decade of choice. I started off by making the bodice and the skirt as I would any normal historical costume. I covered my royal dress form mannequin in plastic and decided to the paint the skirt on the mannequin. Then the magical happened: I used my giant LDH Scissors to start chopping away at the hem until I achieved that scraggly look. Then I used watered down ritdye (YES I DYED MY FINGERS OMG IT WAS BRUTAL) and fabric paint and starting dyeing the hem. This project was ambitious so I called for backup and my mom answered my cry for help to get the hem a nice aged color. More rips, more tears, more scrubbing with a cheese grater and the skirt finally looked fresh from the grave. I wanted to have a slight nod to Emily’s vines embroidered on the hem but I wanted a 3D effect to stand out. Once everything was finished I stoned the hem. I bought cheesecloth and went to work tearing it up to drape as my apron. Make sure to check back for part II! #corpsebride #corpsebride💙 #corpsebridecosplay #cosplay #sewingdiy
Reply to @n00dleheadd bubble wrap bag! a little wrinkled but oh well🤷‍♂️ #upcycle #upcycled #diy #sewingdiy #sewing
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