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👌🏼<this close #foryoupage #fyp #foryou #InstaxChallenge #OscarsAtHome #BridgertonScandal #WomenOwnedBusiness #HaloSilverTeam #setthismfoff created by Grace Cottrell with Thatdamn_laMar's original sound
#stitch with @dosearose if you havent had a mental health crisis by now, you aren’t paying attention. We’re being farmed by the government. They have no interest in happy citizens. They only have interest in control & profit margins. Until we as the people stand up and stand together, they will continue to exploit the many for the benefit of the few. A change is coming. Most of you can feel it. Now is the time to remember that we have all the power. We changed the world during the pandemic and we can do it again. We all saw what happened to the world when we were forced to stay home during the pandemic. The world crumbled without its workforce stimulating the economy. We don’t need to strike or picket or even email our representstives. Its very simple and we’ve done it once already. If we all band together, organize, and strategically boycott as many corporate buisnesses as we can for an extended period of time we can show them that without us, they have nothing. It’s time we remind them. #standup #wethepeople #globalunificationlockdown #GUL #setthismfoff
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