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#monsoonseason #chailover #hitlikes #samoosa #desifood #edutok ☕️😊 created by Shubhani Kadam with Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra's Janam Janam
Basics 101 - How to fold a Samosa

We are the kind of family that loves samosas all year long but of course, we give it extra love in Ramadan (with balance, of course)

My mum used to be a “samosa aunty” who made and sold samosas in the community during our hard times to keep the roof over our heads and food in our bellies.

It’s a laborious task but even when she didn’t have to do it anymore, she made sure we learnt how to fold and fill anyway and we have fond memories of sitting around the table with her, chatting, trying to fold, packing into Tupperwares and eating more “raw” samosas than we actually filled 🤣

Now we pay it forward by supporting other wonderful small businesses who still do this work but will never forget what it takes to produce these delicious savouries.

This year I wanted to start the tradition of filling and folding in our home like my mum did, even if it’s just a small batch in the flavour and heat-level that my kids can handle.

Anyway if you’ve ever wanted to know how WE fold and fill a samosa, here’s how my mum taught it to me, no holes allowed! 😝😝

I hope this helps you, I am legit tempted to have a samosa folding party with some of you, imagine what fun that would be! Practicing and folding and frying and eating 🤤

#fehmz #howto #hottofoldasamosa #samosa #samoosa #makingsamoosas #savoury #savouryprep #ramadan #ramadanprep
#fehmzsavoury #basics101 #fehmzsamoosa

I buy ready-filled samoosas from SirMoosas on IG (the chicken ones and the chilli cheese ones, we LOVE it)
I use Salma’s pur when making my own (found at most butchers, I got mine from The Butchers Kinfe in Norwood. JHB )
I used to book with Nazneen from Lenz to fill my samosas - 082 404 1338 - she also fills pies, moons etc.
You can also buy all your savouries from Aunty Hafsa in Crosby (her pies and springrolls are amazing!!) - 011 839-1245 - also stocked by many stores such as @akhalwayasspiceongra
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