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Onetwo and her sas #thewildbunch #onetwo #12 #gerardbutler #rocknrolla #tippytoes #tapdance #fyp
STOP IT! Looking back in rose tinted glasses. Glorifying all the days that this actually was a good idea. Your mind hanging on to them moments. Chasing it all again. But when you the last time you actually enjoyed it!! I mean woke up and thought that was a tremendous idea. It’s Saturday the day when 1 in 5 of 18-34’s will make that phone call after a couple of lagers down the pub. The same repetitive decision every week. With the same anxiety after. With the same repercussions. With the same isolation on a Sunday afternoon. With the same feeling of dread. The repetitive action with the same consequence. Total zombie 🧟‍♂️ mode. It always seems a great idea 💡 that little pick me up. Ending up telling the same old tales and creating these master plans are absolute nonsense at 5am in your mates kitchen. But it’s just a Saturday night. But it’s just a few. But I’ve worked hard all week. All the BUTS. But here’s the but of all buts. What if you could reconnect and find what ACTUALLY MADE YOU HAPPY. Find happiness day to day. Rather than using something that doesn’t serve you anymore. Well you can. It all stars with the empowering decision to do what is best for you. To start today to make the changes that your life deserves. To reconnect with yourself internally and remove the blocks that stop you from living a life that’s fulfilling. To write your own definition of what serves you. Rather than believing the only way is at the end of a bottle. . . . . #meninsport #mensmentalhealth #mensmentalhealthawareness #lifecoachformen #lifecoachingformen #lifecoaching #lifecoachingtips #sportlife #footballlife #tattooedmen #tattooedlife #rocknrolla #rocknrolltattoo #love #life #happiness #gratitude #positivemindset #selfgrowth
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