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Reply to @samanthap486 moral of the story is go listen to my new stuff cuz i love it haha #fyp #singer #songwriter #storytime #recorddeal #cowboy created by abbyandersonmusic with abbyandersonmusic's original sound
i checked this out close to two months ago from my library and the only time i read anymore is at work BUT i didnt wanna be seen reading this so i had to resort to desperate measures #gay #sussy #karkat #twilight #amongus #royalehigh #reddit #goodsinger #recorddeal Omg i forgot that they took off the caption limit. [spoken]
Fuck! That is the last time I ever host someone’s wriggling day party at my place
I’m gonna be cleaning up after Egbert and all his ilk until my eleventh sweep at this rate!
Ugh. Why are we even friends, anyway?
Right. His taste in movies. Well, this huge pile of DVDs isn’t going to clean itself up. I might as well make this somewhat enjoyable
[music starts up.]
“She’s The Man,” “The Rebound,” “Hitch,” and “Miss Congeniality”
This is just the tip of the iceberg that’s my menagerie
“The Wedding Singer,” “Groundhog Day,” “The Princess Bride,” “Love, Actually”
“Titanic,” “Juno,” “Knocked Up,” “She’s All That,” “Coyote Ugly”
When I was just a wriggler, my Lucius often preached
“To be a skilled entrepreneur, five figures must be reached!”
And whether one’s collection is of stamps, or coins, or dolls
If you’re a true enthusiast, you have to buy them all!
“Thirteen Going On Thirty,” “What’s Your Number?” “Mamma Mia!”
“Four Weddings and A Funeral” is something you should see
“Along Came Polly,” “Wedding Crashers,” “Something’s Gotta Give”
“The Cutting Edge,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” “Sweet Home Alabama”
This one’s one of my all time favorites!:
“In which the main protagonist sits idly ‘till one day
He finds himself head over heels for RedRom interest A
But RedRom interest A is flushing for her Kismesis
Whose auspistice’s Moirail is the main protagonist!”
”Monster-In-Law,” ”One Fine Day,” ”The Fourty-Year-Old Virgin”
”Definitely Maybe,” ”Win A Date With Tad Hamilton”
”How to Lose A Guy in Ten Days,” ”Leap Year,” ”The Proposal”
”Did You Hear About The Morgans?” ”Kate and Leopold”
Of course, I’m also rather partial to:
“In which the hero finds himself forced to make a big desicion about whether or not he can commit to his Matesprit. Meanwhile, his Kismesis has been putting the moves on his Moirail and no one is really sure how to feel about that! But then there’s
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