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It's that time of the year again for #PumpkinSpice!

How to Make Pumpkin Spice at Home #fallrecipes #pumpkinspice #starbucksdrinks #starbucksrecipe #pumpkinspicelatte #recipes #psl #falldiy created by eatsbyramya with eatsbyramya's original sound
DIY Pumpkin Pillows! 😍🎃 Share this DIY with a friend for a fun craft night…and invite me haha! Materials needed and instructions below!
❤️Fabric for your pumpkin
🤎Unicorn Horns (I found them at Joanns)
❤️Krazy craft glue
💛Jute string
🤎Upholstery thread (you’ll need strong thread for this project)
❤️Tapestry needle

🎃Cut your fabric in a rectangle. Here are the measurements I used for my sizes! ⬇️

Large pumpkin: L: 44.5” x W: 21.5”
Medium pumpkin: L: 35” x W: 15”
Small pumpkin: L: 22” x W: 11”

🎃Take your tapestry needle and thread and sew a running stitch along both of the long edges of the rectangle. Make sure to leave a tail of thread (a couple inches) at both ends of the fabric.

🎃Fold your fabric in half, with the fluffy side facing in, and stitch along the short edge.

🎃Once you finish pull the two tail threads on one edge and tie them shut. This is the bottom of your pumpkin!

🎃Next, stuff your pillow and then tie it shut. You can tuck in the loose thread inside of the pillow.

🎃Take your jute string and guide it under the pillow. Bring it to the top, cross the string over and wrap it back around the bottom of the pillow. Continue this step, altering from the top and bottom of the pillow. This is how you create those cute sections in the pumpkin! It’s kind of like wrapping a present. Continue this step until you’re happy with the sections. Make sure to tie the string tight when you finish!

🎃For the stem, cut the unicorn horn to the size you’d like and glue it to the pumpkin.

🎃Glue jute string around it to cover the styrofoam.

🎃To finish, glue a little burlap square on top of the stem and trim around it once the glue is dry! And voila!

#falldiy #fallprojects #diyproject #diyhome #bhghome #hunkerhome #betterhomesandgardens #handmadewithjoann #pumpkinpillow #fallcraft #diycraft #pumpkinspice #diytutorial #crafttutorial #falldecor #falldiydecor
Replying to @Sonia Mini pumpkin Pop Tarts!!! You can use handmade or store bought crust. It all tastes good in the end. #pumpkinspice #pie #easyrecipe #tiktoktaughtme #tiktokpartner
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