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#greenscreenvideo Progress looks like changing existing systems and tools to better serve needs- both for patients and staff #cna #nursing #healthcare #technology #productdevelopment #progress #whatitshouldbe #dobetter #nursinghomes  created by Simple.Sweet.Life with Simple.Sweet.Life’s original sound
Replying to @pedevagun handmade truly means made 100% by human hands. Because humans don’t (and shouldn’t) work for free, handmade pricing should reflect the labor cost earned by the artists making the product.

Does this mean handmade goods aren’t always financially accessible to everyone? Yes. But paying our team will always come first. Handmade pieces should be thoughtfully purchased, maybe after saving up for some time. They carry the love and intention that was poured into them by the people who made them. #handmade #handmadepricing #ceramicstudio #handmadeceramics #productdevelopment
Replying to @zarotech so Figma is a design tool, not a development tool. To have an app launch on the app store, you need to first develop it. But in order for development to be ready to code it, you need to have your designs setup for the design to development handoff.

Organizing your Figma file is the first step. You design a great app, you need to make sure it’s easy for a developer to make sure they find all of the states and varying interaction design that you’ve created.

Speaking of Interaction Design, you have to annotate your Figma design with notes to the developer that are inline with the designs themselves. This will help get ahead of questions the developer will have and will make it so they can focus on making the designs perfect rather than trying to understand the design you made (yes, this is internal UX design)

Finally, you need to make sure that you setup all the empty states, zero states, and optimize the designs for varying data. This is a big piece that will take you from a good ui/ux designer to a great designer.

Designers and developers have to work together, or else the vision will not come to life. If developers don’t like working with you, you won’t be able to bring your product design to life.

#figma #productdesign #productdevelopment #product #uiux #designtutorials #figmatutorials #appdesign #appdevelopment
#duet with @designertodiy This isn’t true at all. My background is in product development and I will be posting a video about this tomorrow afternoon.#takeaNAIRbreak #fyp #fashion #fashionindustry #TurboTaxAndRelax #productdevelopment #factvsfiction
Replying to @bobatea3618 a go-to factory for kitchen ceramics, we have used them 3x #productdevelopment #ecommercetips #greenscreen
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