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5 weeks to go with baby boy 🌱. Reach your fitness goals by joining my app for only $1 in my bio! #fitpregnancy #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyworkouts
BIGGEST PREGNANCY TIP: Don’t neglect your core because you’re pregnant🫶🏽 During my first pregnancy I was scared of working on my core and, even though I kept strength training, I usually would pass on exercises that made me contract/engage my core intentionally for a few seconds or try to even “release” if that even makes sense🥴. This just contributed to: - Intense back pain, specially during 3rd trimester. (a weak core will not give your back enough support for growing baby = back pain) - Pelvic pain. - Longer recovery period during postpartum to strengthen your core. - Worse round ligament pain .Avoiding core exercises and strengthening will just lead to more issues while your pregnancy develops! Because I knew better this second pregnancy I had a completely different approach and would do a pregnancy safe ab finisher 2-3 times a week after my training routine. Let me tell you the difference has been mindblowing🙌🏽 I’m almost 38 weeks and have experienced zero ligament pain, no pelvic pain and just a bit of back discomfort which all my pregnant mamas know is a HUGE win! Working on your deep core muscles is so important! It will help you support pelvic organs, allow you to maintain a better posture while your belly grows, contribute to an easier delivery and faster recovery💪🏽 and keep you more comfortable overall. This is just an example of one of my fav pregnancy safe ab combos! Save, share and gooo🤍 Also, pregnancy guide is coming very soon and it’s the ultimate preggo’s best friend if you want to stay healthy and active. Stay tuned!! #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantlife #pregnancyworkout #pregnancyworkouts #pregnancyworkoutvibes #pregnancyabs #pregnancyexercise #fitpregnancy #fitpregnancyjourney #fitmom #fitness #fitmoms #homeworkout #homeworkouts
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