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Good angle to see how effortlessly these guys move around the court!#prairiebadminton #badmintion #winnipeg #manitoba #badmintonskills created by Prairie Badminton with AWOLNATION's Run
Fun fact. My son, Yale and I are playing in the 2023 Yonex Seniors/Para National Badminton Championship this weekend so we have been spending a lot of our time prepping.

It’s funny how you get into a mindset where you think you are one way only, perhaps even one dimensional at times. You think, I am this or I am that. I am a singer, I am an artist, I am a finance guru I’m bad at math, etc. I always believed that I was non-athletic, I didn’t like exercise, I was only built for certain things. I was wrong.

I wanted something that we could do together and found badminton to be something we both enjoyed. We started playing less than a year ago and are having a blast.

I know realize that I do like exercise, I do consider myself athletic, maybe not in the traditional sense but I sure am enjoying it and want to pursue it further. I am having a great time going out and getting my butt kicked week-after-week and I couldn’t care less about losing. I think you become better, in life, if you surround yourself with people who are better at whatever your’re trying to achieve, than you. I am incrementally getting better and better each week because of the amazing athletes I’m surrounding myself with.

Moral of the story is don’t put yourself into a box. Try new things, you’ll be surprised, and go ahead and get knocked down because when you get back up, because you will, it will be that much better and finally, when fun is the outcome, go ahead and put yourself out there.

If you’re in Winnipeg and want to come and watch me have a great time while getting my butt kicked by actual trained athletes who are younger than me by 20 + years, come watch! Come watch this now-athletic, older, fueled by chips & chocolate & good vibes, badminton player! See you there!
#littlepeopleofamerica #dwarfism #dwarfismawareness #advocacy #LPA #vulnerable #whoareyou #moveeveryday #achondroplasia #badminton #yonexbadminton #prairiebadminton #parabadminton #paraathlete #paraathletics
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