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Credit: IG-_ctsfo_ | #armedpolice #ctsfo #police #policeresponding #emergency
Friday, March 26, 2021, Kingsland, Georgia (Camden County) Road I was on: Martin Luther King Boulevard with Laurel Oaks Animal Hospital directly behind me. Call/Call details: Deputy Beck was conducting traffic enforcement on I-95 when he checked a black Dodge Charger for speeding at 122MPH. The vehicle weaved in and out of traffic as Deputy Beck tried to catch up with the vehicle and alerted other units. Law enforcement in the area were given the 10-3 (Stop transmitting tone) and spotted the vehicle near exit 1 and the vehicle continued to flee from them through the city of Kingsland. When turning off Exit 6, the driver of the vehicle hit multiple construction cones thankfully missing the workers. The vehicle was speeding at over 100MPH when it passed the entrance to a local high school in the area. As Deputies backed off, they lost sight of it. Canvasing the neighborhood areas, Deputies were told the vehicle sped into a subdivision then drove into the wooded trails in the back of it. Deputies arrived on scene and located a male and female walking around houses in the neighborhood. Narcotics and a firearm were located in the vehicle they abandoned and were arrested on the spot. The 10-3 on main was lifted soon after their capture and the driver later admitted to throwing more narcotics into the wood line when they got out of the car. K-9 Troger and Deputy Sullivan were deployed in the area and located a red bag containing illegal narcotics in the thick brush which was thrown out by one of the suspects in attempt to dispose of evidence. They were charged with attempting to evade law enforcement, along with other charges. #kingslandpolicedepartment #policedodgecharger #policeresponding #policechase #policecar #policelifestyle #lightsandsirens #emergencyservices #policecars #code3 #respondingcode3 #code3response #code3responses #vehiclepursuit #policepursuit
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