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On June 1, 2021 the Pentagon will release the truth. Am I the only one freaked out!? #ufo #alien #ufosighting #et #area51 #aliensighting #pentagon created by Brian Daniel with Daniel Pemberton's The Prowler
Elon Musk Threatens To Turn Off Starlink Unless the United States Pays Him #ElonMusk #ukraine

Elon Musk is now trying to shake down American taxpayers. He says he can no longer afford to run Starlink and that the Pentagon will have to pick up the bill if they want Ukraine to still use Starlink. Elon claimed that he is doing this all of out pocket, but what he failed to mention is that the US, UK, and Poland were secretly paying for 85% of the satellites Starlink provided and about 30% of the internet bill. As one Pentagon official put it — “he dangles hope over the heads of millions, then sticks the DoD with the bill for a system no one asked for but now so many depend on” And one Western intelligence official told us - “Musk is an idiot who’s mad no one liked peace plan. Many have said that the Government may use the defense production act on SpaceX. Many people say that The DOJ should open an investigation into Musk. He is a defense contractor who has had private conversations with the leader of an enemy nation and is now trying to extort Ukraine and the Pentagon. #USA #UK #poland #Pentagon #elon #spacex #tesla #starlink
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