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This tip I found out recently is a game changer for family especially with kids! We all expect that there will always be a long line of people waiting for their turn to ride so its no doubt that 60 or 70 or 80 minutes is the deal. In our case, we are a family of 3. Which are 2 adults and 1 child. We wanted to ride this BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN in Disneyland Park but unfortunately, our child is not acceptable to take this one. So I insisted, I said we still wait on the line and let my husband take the first ride and when he is finished, I can take the ride after. So they informed us about the RIDAL SWITCH CARD. Ridal Switch Card - is a pass that allows you to ride & use the premiere access lane BUT 1) One parent wait in the line while the other parent is outside with their child, eat or drink whatever you want to do 😅 2) Once the other parent has finished their turn before they exit they will inform the person in charge that he/she needs the ridal switch card. Once received, give it to the person you left with your child, and they can take the premiere access lane & give that card to the other person waiting there. In less than 2 minutes, you can take the ride & skip the normal one. It is really great to have this option, you can enjoy the rest of the rides without stressing too much because of the waiting time! 😉 One just needs to do the waiting & the other one, well lucky enough to skip it. 😜Remember to save this reels & tag the other one your bringing with you on Disneyland! 💯🤌Disneyland Park Paris 📍Bd de Parc 77700 Coupvray#parisphotospots #travelinspira tion #parisjetaime #beautifuldest inations #parisamor #ei ffeltower # paristravel # bdteam #europ eansumme r #summerdestina tions #visiteurope # europetravel #europetrip #w elivetoexplo re #bestvacations #newyorktravel blogger #travel reels #travelt heworld #disneylandpar kparis #disneylanddre am #disneyworld
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