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Ustedes creen que lo vamos aceptar ? #zeus #alana #orion #husky #huskylife #huskiesoftiktok #huskylove #siberianhusky #doglover #viraltiktok #gato #gatosdetiktok #gatoadoptado #pereira #armenia #colombia created by Zeusalanahusky with Cavendish Music's Funny Song
I’ve had a few conversations with other trusted minds about these over a few weeks. Some have discussed them being from the Orion star system. Others have expressed the possibility of these being from this realm billions of years ago as we go through cycles of time.

One think to remember is that science is a theorized attempt and discussing and innerstanding higher sciences. From higher realms of consciousness. The scientific estimates say that this realm has existed for around 13 billion years. I believe this to be a minimal estimate.

Nonetheless, let’s slow down and think for a second. Breathe. Realize that time is a construct. Realize that cycles of time are great years, which are 25,600 year periods of the sun fully traveling through all of the constellations. Let’s remember that calendars were changed numerous times. Spring is the new year, not January 1st in the middle of the cold season. Remember that October/Oct, means 8. Nov is 9. Dec/Deca is 10. Everything was purposely misconstrued to further separate us from knowledge of self.

All of this to say, we don’t know what this realm truly looked like 360 years ago. A lots been wiped out and or hidden, like the Tartarian Empire. Which means a billion man made years ago, things were a lot different. Things looked a lot different. But one thing that remained a constant, is universal law. Energy flows in cycles. There’s nothing new under the sun. Ancient knowledge provides for those that find it, a way to continue to build, develop, & evolve. Notice all of the flying ships and ask yourself where the ideas come from for movies, shows, etc. Most have been indoctrinated to the point of only believing what they’ve been given. I say, go within.

And the last photo, lmao, that’s gonna be many faces during the Great Solar Flash. As well as when the sky opens up and we can clearly see beyond the holographic universe (book reference: holographic universe by Michael Talbot). Lol.

If your energy is drawn to these photos, go within and meditate on them. You may be surprised with what you find.

#fyp #ancientstructures #pyramids #orion #vimana #ancientcivilizations #planetki #theresnothingnewunderthesun #gowithin
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