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the best #fyp #viral #knifeskills #knife #onion #howtocutonions #choppingonions #chefswords  created by CHEFSWORDS REAL with CHEFSWORDS REAL’s original sound
🇮🇳 Onion Bhaji / Pakora / Pakoda 🧅 (Crispy onion fritters) #indianfood #pakora #bhaji #bajji #onion #foodtok #asmr #cookingasmr

*I mislabeled the besan flour/chickpea flour to suji or semolina flour in the video. Please disregard and use chickpea flour for this 😅


Onion fritter:
- 1 large white & red onion thinly sliced
- 2 tbsp coriander/cilantro (chopped)
- 1 green chilli chopped
- 1 tsp turmeric/garam masala/kashmiri chili powder
- 2 tsp salt
- 3/4 cup besan (chickpea/gram flour)
- 1/4 cup rice flour
- water as needed

Raita (yogurt sauce):
- 1 cup plain unsweetened yogurt (curd)
- 1-2 cucumbers grated
- 2 tbsp mint chopped
- 2 tbsp coriander chopped
- 1/2 lime juice
- Garam masala (optional)
- Salt to taste

- Combine ingredients listed for the onion fritters. Add water a little at a time to form a semi thick batter. Fry at 165C until crispy and golden. Set on a paper towel/wire rack.
- To make yogurt sauce combine ingredients listed for raita. Make sure to squeeze the cucumbers dry using cheese cloth or a kitchen towel so that the mixture stays thick.
- Serve your onion fritters with the yogurt sauce and enjoy ❤️
Grandma Would Put Some Grease In A Skillet And #Cook A Whole #Sausage Until Brown. Then She Would Add 1/2 A Cup Of #BellPepper And #Onion Chopped And Cook It For 3 min. Next She Would Clean And Cut #Cabbage And Add To Skillet With 1/4 Cup of Water and Would Stir Until Sausage and Cabbage Was Mixed Well. She Would Add #Seasonings To Her Liking Followed By #Hotsauce , #Butter And #Sugar . She Cook That Down With A Lid For Another 5 to 10 min. We Would Have Some #Cornbread or Bread and Butter And The Rest Is History. #fyp #nostalgia #easyrecipes #hoodclassics #duet
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