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Booked venue, $1000 buffet, games, $300 lucky draw. Organised a full prom for my students for celebrating their end of Sec 4.

I am so happy to see each of you progress in your journey in chemistry with me. To see your growth and to see you gaining confidence and your perseverance especially at O-levels. Chemistry Tuition may have been signed up for you by your parents, but I strive to be the best chemistry tuition centre in Singapore to offer the best advice, counselling, exam preparation Lessing program in improving you, my dear students from F9 to A1s, while enjoying the many jokes, fun class Quizzes and weekly homework reviews we have in class. I see your diligence in submitting the homework as much as you can, and the enduring consultations with me late into the nights. The extra homework and exam prep materials that you did to prepare for the examinations to get your A. Coming in for extra classes and helping one another. Working hand-in-hand to clear doubts and hurdles together. We make the best class and I am honoured to be your teacher. To infinity and beyond. You are amazing and you must remember you are called to be a blessing and you will achieve great things. Keep this joy, keep this vigour, and keep this zest for life. Catch up when you are near the tuition centre and let us go for a bubble tea. All the best for your future and academic endeavours. You can do this.

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