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Just kidding it really is all fun and games 🤣😍  #floridacheck #gsd #gsdoftiktok #germanshepherd #ranch #floridagirl #trailerremodel #trailerhome #homemakeover #singlewide #remodel #singlewidemakeover #rentfree #nomortgage #countrygirl #americandream created by Viola with Sam's original sound
It’s more fun when they say it’s impossible 😎 If your intrigued, interested in your relationship with money, love yoga, breath work read on….. The Money Matrix

We all have a relationship with money, we all have to, it is the trading necessity of our time.

But is yours a healthy one? Maybe you’ve never thought about it and are curious?

This is both an exploration into your relationship with money and a practical workshop (yes there will be a suggestion of a spread sheet). We will begin with centring, followed by some questions & movement to enquire the areas of money management which come with ease and those areas that do not. You will be given time to look at your monthly expenses & income, make up a spread sheet to see truly on a practical level where you are at. I know for me when I know my incomings & outgoings intimately its helps me to spend with intention & be able to afford the things that are really important to me. Wasting neither my energy or Mother Natures through mindless purchasing. We will end with the integration & space which Yin has to offer. There will be a gracious amount of time given to this, as important as the practical stuff is, the aim of this workshop is to keep you in your body whilst exploring your relationship with the finances in your life.

I am by no means an expert in finances however simply wish to share what has helped me along the way of becoming more finically free.

This workshop is donation based, suggestion 30, but feel into what your financial capacity is at present

With heart
#debtfree #nomortgage #free #garden #sustainability #yoga
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