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A #trans teen who’s documented his transition in a 10-year film project hopes to start a “fresh chapter” now that he’s turned 18.

#Kai was just nine when he first came out as trans.
Shortly afterwards, he and his mum began documenting his journey with activist and filmmaker @Fox Fisher and their #MyGenderation project. After releasing a number of short videos to YouTube over the years, this year will see the completion of a long-form film, #LifeofKai .
The 10-year project has been a “life-changing experience” for Kai.
“Having the opportunity to document and reflect on my journey throughout the years, while also knowing that my story has helped people over the years, fills me with joy,” Kai tells PinkNews.

“Also knowing that what we are creating is helping so many people makes me even more grateful for the whole project.”
In the film, Kai discusses the power of having access to puberty blockers, how love and support from his mum bolstered him and what it’s like to be a trans person growing up in a time when the UK media and government are increasingly hostile towards the community.
He also touches on his struggles with #dysphoria .
“Growing up, I struggled with my body, feeling distressed and disconnected from it,” Kai says.
He has been wearing binders for years, which “provided some relief” as he faced down a long road to access gender-affirming healthcare in the UK.
But Kai feels he’s lived with the “physical discomfort and limitations they impose” for too long, and now that he’s 18 he’s pursuing #topsurgery .
“Top surgery has always been an essential step in my journey,” Kai says.

“From a kid, I hated looking down at my body. I started puberty very young, and I knew something was not right. 
“Not wanting to get dressed, have a shower, telling my mum at the age of 10 that I wanted to cut off my chest growth because I knew it didn’t belong. It was hard.” #translivesmatter🏳️‍⚧️ #transrightsarehumanrights #transgender #queernews #transjoy #queertok #lgbtq
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