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nature is trippy dude 🍄 #fyp #nature #mushroom #mycology #explore #adventure #pnw #oregon created by tara mar with Dodo's original sound
Happy Fungus Friday, here’s a super satisfying compilation of tapping and picking mushrooms. This is intended as a relaxing ASMR-type video of mushroom picking.
I tap the mushrooms for many reasons. First and foremost is that I like the sounds they make, each mushroom has a particular tone that corresponds to the specific species and maturity of the fruiting body. It is also effective for knocking off bugs and dirt before picking and helps to spread the spores (especially important if I am harvesting the mushroom to take home and eat).
This video features both edible and non-edible species. For the edible mushrooms, I take them home and cook them as food (see my UToob for recipes). For the non-edible mushrooms, I leave them in place to continue spreading their spores.
In this video I am picking mycorrhizal mushrooms directly from the ground. In a comprehensive 30 year study (“Mushroom picking does not impair future harvests” Egli, et al., 2006) , it was demonstrated that there was no statistical or significant difference between cutting mushrooms with a knife vs. picking like I do here in the video. For context, I do specifically cut some mushrooms when harvesting (like morels and polypores), but for most mushrooms it just doesn’t matter. I do trim the bottom of the stem back onto the forest floor before placing the mushroom into basket. I also do my absolute best to leave the forest floor undisturbed and pick up trash whenever I see it. Sustainable and ethical harvesting are very important to me. I usually leave ~1/3 of the edible mushrooms I find to continue dispersing their spores and ensuring healthy mycelium for future harvests. I am all for having a respectful discourse about sustainability but if you are rude to me in the comments I will ask you to read this caption; if you continue to be rude to me, you will no longer be able to access my content. Hope y’all find this entertaining, fun, and soothing in the same way I do. MushLove 🍄❤️
#fascinatedbyfungi #mushroomasmr #mushroomtaps #mushroomhunter #wildmushrooms #mycology #fungi #oddlysatisfying #tappingasmr #asmrtapping #asmrcrunch #crunchy #naturetok #mushtok #asmrsounds
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