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Makes me feel special 🤭 #musicadvice #musictips #musicmarketing #musicmarketingtips  created by TOTTY with Clifford Taylor IV's A WIN IS A WIN
#duet with @scarlet.foxes Want to know how to go viral on TikTok? There is so much involved when coming up with the best marketing strategy for your music artists page, but these social media tips can increase your reach, growth, and fan base retention.

Let’s go in more depth here so you too can integrate viral techniques into your social media content:

Tip 1: Disrupting the platform and stopping people from scrolling is the number one way to capture an audience on TikTok. Sometimes it feels silly and disingenuous to manufacture an interesting opening, but remember that your music has SO MUCH to offer and deserves to reach people. Utilizing this one technique will immediately increase your viewership.

Tip 2: On-screen movement is one of the best ways to increase watch time by tricking the viewer’s brain to continue watching. When videos generate a high watch time percentage, they’re more likely to be sent to strangers on the app. High watch time percentage let’s the platform know there’s an audience for your content, and so it will favor it in the algorithm above other videos in the same niche.

Tip 3: Integrating your “brand” — I.e. your perspective and aesthetic — into your content in subliminal, subconscious ways is a great way to attract and resonate with the proper audience. Remember: your social media content is a bridge to connect people to your music, and so your content should be a magnet for an audience that will LOVE your music.

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