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Absolutely Nuts!  #Indieartistproblems #independentmusicianproblems #independentmusiciansoftiktok #independentartistcheck #independentmusicartist #indiemusiciansunite #indieartisttips #musicmarketingstrategies #independentartisttips #musicmarketingadvice #musicmarketingstrategies   created by Zoo Rass with TLC's Waterfalls
How to make better music content while spending less time on social media:

Stop the time wasting and soul crvshing activities, start being super protective of your time and attention and focus. Allow yourself more space to get into a better headspace. Be more focused and distraction-free when you work. You’ll make better stuff, be more productive and creative, 100%.

Having to spend a million hours on social media to see progress is not necessary if you manage yourself. I’ve learned this recently and realised just how much time I’ve wasted. I can do a lot more now while spending a lot less time on here.

The numbers I used in the systems examples in the video are random. You can decide how many times to post per week, and how many minutes you can manage interacting with people each day, etc. But some kind of system like this will significantly reduce how much time you have to spend on here and start making it feel a lot more possible.

Another example of a system:
- post 5x per week
- interact with people for 10mins p day
- 30mins of content research per week so you can stay up to date and keep improving
- Check your insights like 1x per week so you can measure your progress.

Make it ambitious but manageable, sustainable. Long term consistency will always win. Keep it super t!ght and do your best not to stray too far from it. I promise you’ll see progress if you can master this :)

If you have any questions let me know! ❤️

Music marketing strategies
#musicmarketing #musicpromotion #indieartisttips #musicmarketingstrategies
Get clarity on what you’re missing and work it until it’s no longer a problem. Here’s what I mean by each of these:

Striking content: Anything (preferably music related) that’s unusual, impressive, stand-out, etc. that pulls people out of their zomb!e scroll state and wakes them up. A solid & accessible way I keep seeing this happen successfully is song performances with lyrics on screen and a focus on enhancing your messaging in the video with aesthetic, imagery, etc. Scroll through your fyp for a few minutes and you’ll probably find a great example :)

Reliable traffic: A way or ways you can reliably and consistently drive traffic to your music. If you can do it with free content, amazing. Paid traffic is also good for some people. Pick at least one and learn what you need to learn (if you have any questions let me know).

Storytelling: This is communicating the message and meaning of your song in various ways. Sometimes you can literally say / write about it in your posts, or you can show it with imagery or aesthetic (like in the song performances I mentioned above), or through some clever “POV” thing, or skits / sketches, or or something else.

Quality: Self explanatory, but it could mean something different depending on the post type. Think about your audio & video, the depth of your ideas, how useful or helpful something is, etc.

Consistency: Just keep showing up in a way that builds your…

Brand: your package. The way you connect yourself to a specific audience. Keep working on helping people get to know what you’re all about (music, beliefs, values, personality, interests, image, etc.). This is a long term thing that - when you’re consistent with this stuff - gets stronger as you go.

These are fun to make, I hope they help and let me know if you have any questions :)

#musicpromotion #musicmarketing #indieartisttips #musicmarketingstrategies
Replying to @John Fair question! Here are 3 ways to announce your new music release without just saying those words. A little bit on each of the points:

Way 1: this seems to be THE way nowadays. You don’t ask them to listen, they ask you. You just put yours stuff out there (in the best way you can) and the idea is if it’s good enough, people will make the decision to pursue it further. It happens like this all the time. And how good for almost every single musician out there - you don’t have to ever worry about being pushy or salesy or anything. You just keep showing up in a decent way, and no one feels like they’re being marketed to. Nice organic music marketing strategies like this is the way it should be. Everyone wins.

Also, when someone does ask you if the song is out, or where they can listen, you can make a video response promoting it more directly, and no one is going to think anything bad because you’re simply (and happily) answering a question.

Way 2: Very similar to way 1 except you add a little note at the end of your post or in your caption explaining that the song is actually a song and that it’s out. This doesn’t feel ‘market-y’ either because it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to lead people away from the platform. You’re still giving them a decent experience right here, and then gently providing them the option to hear more if they want. I also see this work allll the time.

Way 3: This is where you mention that your song is out, but it’s not this direct, boring announcement. Instead, it’s masked by something of value (entertaining, inspiring, insightful, etc) to the audience. Here’s a simple example (I’m making this up, I haven’t seen this work so come up with your own stuff): a video of you in your room with text like “when you just released a new song but you’re broke so your marketing plan is to talk about how you’re broke and how you hope people will like your sh-t”. Not the best example but hopefully you get the idea - put the ask inside something entertaining, relatable, valuable, etc.

Hope it helps!

#musicmarketing #musicmarketingstrategies #musicpromotion #musicmarketingtips
Musicians if you want to know how to get fans in 2023, a powerful way you can do it is through content. But simply showing up won’t work - you might have already experienced that. Here are some ways you can market your music with content effectively:

Tell stories. They’re the most powerful way of connecting to an audience fast. When we humans listen to a good story, we feel much more connected to the person telling it. This is no joke.

You can straight up tell stories to the camera or include some version of storytelling as you present your music. Just look at all the well done music content that includes some form of story in it: “I wrote this about blah” etc.

Power messaging. In the case of music marketing on social media, this means milking video as much as you can to convey your message in a high impact way. Some ways to do this include great audio and video quality, imagery or scenery relevant to your brand or the message of the song, filters, colours, including lyrics or storytelling with words. Think about doing as much as you possibly can in a video to get the point across (like a music video!).

Finally, use YOU to stand out. You have unique perspectives and experiences. Tell us things we don’t get from others. We love new ideas, interesting takes, personal stories, etc. you also probably have unique skills that you aren’t using. You might feel like they aren’t relevant, but what if you made them relevant? What if you created a new thing by combining your skills and presenting something new to the world?

Like the video says, you and your music are meaningful. We want to see how. We won’t get that from posts that feel like everyone else. Go for a walk today or tonight and have a think - what can you bring us that makes you pop? :)

#indieartisttips #musicmarketing #musicmarketingstrategies #musicmarketingtips
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