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I'll take the snow over the other things. #alberta#yeg#snow#fypシ#morningmantra#snowfall#funny
Welcome 🌻💛 I’m Megan and I thought we could get to know one another by sharing something we each love… I’ll go first! Here’s a shortened version of one of my most favorite meditations ever: The Magical Word Fuck from @oshointernational 💫 Listening to this clip reminds me of how uptight I used to be… The first time I ever listened to this meditation, I was in a yoga studio and I remember thinking I was “not allowed” or “supposed to” to laugh as we listened along. Eventually, someone broke the ice by snort-laughing followed by loudly cackling. I remember it dawning on me that no one ever said we had to be quiet - I added that. No one ever said meditation had to be serious and couldn’t include laughing - I made that up. Once I heard someone else start laughing, I realized it was possible for me too… and I fucking lost it. I let go of holding back and I laughed so hard, I cried. I remember my face hurting and having to work to catch my breath once it ended… I remember wanting more. So, that’s something I love and I hope it helps you feel love too. If you stick around, you’ll learn I fucking love loads of shit and I’m rarely consistent and I prefer the organic quality of social media versus scheduling, so you will probably never know what you’re gonna get here. 👽 What about you? What’s something you love? Tell me below! #fyp #meditation #funny #osho #morningmantra #osh #oshnoto #weird #broadriver #lowcountry #beaufort #southcarolina #sunset #fuck #themagicalword
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