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Modeling Mask Straw Hack! #ModelingMask #LifeHack #DIY created by yayayayoung Skincare Egg Head with yayayayoung Skincare Egg Head’s original sound
1. Cleanse face with cleansing water ( i used
@veware_official )
2. Put @파파레서피 enzyme powder cleanser in glass bowl with a couple drops of water and whip it like meringue
3. Apply meringue onto face and wait for 3mins
4. Lightly wash face with water and soak q tip with toner (i used @anua.skincare_us ) and push out any blackheads on the surface
5. Use a tonerpad or toner on cotton pad and gently wipe the face
6. Apply generous amount of serum (i used @TIRTIR SOS serum)
7. Apply Lindsay modeling mask cup pack and apply onto face
8. Peel off mask and resume with regular skincare

Oliveyoung code: ANNIEDAYOON1
Yesstyle code: ANNIE22
Stylevana code: SHOPANNIE

#koreanskincare #koreanskincareroutine #skintok #kbeauty #koreanskincaretips #koreanskincareproduct #modelingmask #skincareroutine
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