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Here's to #MentalHealthAwareness. Let's come together to ensure that everyone has the support they need. For more information visit: https://9f04.short.gy/mentalhealthhub

take time for yourself this #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth bc even a minute matters #SelfCare #Meditation #Wellness #MentalHealth  created by TikTok with TikTok’s original sound
Many of my self-care rituals involve nourishing myself from the inside out and that includes having nutrient-dense foods like red skin peanuts! #peanutpartner

Peanuts provide a good source of fiber and vitamin E, a dietary antioxidant, while peanut oil can be used as an affordable hydrating haircare product due to its vitamin E content and fatty acid profile 🤗

#peanutsgrowcomfort #selfcare

*Disclaimer: The data for antioxidant capacity of foods generated by test-tube methods cannot be extrapolated to human effects. Clinical trials to test benefits of dietary antioxidants have produced mixed results. 
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