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One Hawaii resident says some tourists are carrying on with their holidays as normal after at least 93 people died in wildfires. #Lahaina #Maui #Hawaii #HawaiiFire #Wildfire #MauiFire #Tourism #US #ExtremeWeather #BBCNews created by BBC News with BBC News's original sound - BBC News
#mauifire people running for the lives and jumpingnin ocean!!! Lahaina
Not my usual type of post but it needs to be said.
As of now MAUI, HAWAII, ranks as the fifth-deadliest wildfire in all of US history with 96 deaths, but the local say the numbers are way higher than that if not hundreds then thousands.
The land is gone but even more important, people, people are gone children, parents, friends, familys Ohana.
Its heartbreaking. Keep the people of maui in prayer.
No alarms were signaled no sirens went off no evacuation call no warning no nothing. children wear in their homes due to school being canceled that day without their parents being able to evacuate them some were at work not knowing what was going on due to having no cell service
The water was turned off at a certain point so people couldn’t try to put out the fire that was burning down their homes themselves even if they wanted to. people were jumping over the ocean wall into the water to survive.
The people trying to help are being denied entry into Lahaina they’re turning away donations if it’s not directly from FEMA or Red Cross, this is sickening how dare they put there big corporations above the locals needs joe biden is requesting 25m for the victims in Ukraine, but hasn’t spoken a word about Hawaii (that I am aware of) this information isn’t coming from news outlets, but instead from the natives of Lahaina who are posting their stories on social media.
I have no roots in Maui. I didn’t lose a home. A loved one. a pet. A business. or anything for that matter. I’m just trying to spread awareness of what’s really going on. Its absolutely devastating. I can’t imagine what they’re going through. it’s all I can think about. I feel so helpless I want to help but don’t know how.
Let us pray for the people of Lahaina and those affected by this “natural fire” dear God, I pray that you be with the people of Maui put your peace and protection upon the Islanders give them comfort in this time. May you supply their every need Lord, in Jesus name be with those who are hurting and grieving not knowing if their love ones are alive or not. shower them Lord with your comfort. I come against the work of the enemy in Jesus name those who are denying access to help the people in need may you put them in their rightful place is Lord. make away, where there is no way God with you all things are possible. I pray that no one would be without food or a place to stay or clothes on their back. Give them all that they need to survive Lord may they all feel you’re love, peace, and protection. in this moment Father God. in Jesus name we pray, and with that we say, amen.🙏🥺🤍

#mauifire ##lahainahawaiifire ##fire ##lahaina ##hawaiian
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